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Mint Program Overview

  • Big Buddies in the MINT program will mentor participants of the participants of the LittleSTEAM program and attend Eyes into College and Eyes Beyond.

  • Participants are given the opportunity to talk to industry professionals, college students, gain volunteer hours, and gain useful experience.

  • LittleSTEAM Mentor: As a LittleSTEAM mentor or Big Buddy you get to mentor 1 to 5 LittleSTEAM participants. As a member of the MINT Program you act as a communicator between the participants and their families, providing much needed information such as times of meetings and much more.

  • Additionally you conduct a weekly meeting with your Little Buddies in order to review the past week’s content and expand their knowledge on the topic.

Featured Programs

Eyes into College: A new implementation of the MINT program that includes a weekly virtual meeting , during a session, with new and current college students to learn about their experience and ask questions. 

Eyes Beyond: Includes weekly meetings during sessions to talk to industry professionals. Not only do you get an inside on what they do but you get to know how they got there, the trails and tribulations of their success. Additionally the opportunity to ask questions.


Please reach out if you are interested in being apart of the MINT Program!

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